Who are we & What do we do?

We find people who fit a particular profile that matches our clients' target consumer, to take part in user experience and market research. The best part, we pay you for your time!

Our main recruitment is for clients who want to know what they need to do to make it easier and more pleasant for you, and people like you, to interact with them and their products/services. This could be a travel agent who is trying to make their holiday booking form simpler, or the NHS trying to make it easier to find your local GP on their site etc.

1. Sign up

Signing up with us won't take long. We don't ask a massive amount of questions when you initially sign up. Just enough to tell us a little bit about you. More detailed questions relating to each project are asked as and when we have research to invite you along to.

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2. Relax

Once you have signed up with us, sit back and wait to hear from us. We won't spam you or send you unwanted newsletters and will only be in touch when we have research taking place in your area (or online).

3. Email

We are always on the look out for participants to take part in our research and we will only send you an email when we have some to tell you about. These emails are not spam or marketing emails, they are invitations to let you know that a research opportunity has come up in your area (or online). This email will contain an overview of the types of people we are looking for and will include details of the time, date(s), location of the research, plus a short description of what would be involved in the session and the incentive being offered.

4. Online Survey

If you feel you are the type of person we are looking for and you are able to take part on the given date, then simply click on the link in the email to complete our screener survey, which will tell us about yourself and to register your interest in attending.

5. Short listed

Once we have received your completed survey we will filter through all of the responses and contact the most suitable people and invite them to take part in the research project. If you do not hear back from us, please assume you have not been successful, but don’t worry, you will fit the criteria at some point!

6. Arrange a time

We will contact successful applicants either by email or phone to arrange a time that is suitable for you and to confirm your attendance.

7. Taking part

Our research sessions can be conducted in a variety of forms. The type of session you have been asked to attend will be explained in the initial invitation email and again when you are booked in to attend. These are the types of sessions you can expect to be invited to take part in:

Usability Research

1:1 sessions involving a Consultant talking you through a website, app, remote control etc to see where the usability could be improved for you and other users. These sessions are not a test of you, they are designed to highlight faults in the website/app/service being tested, so that they can be improved for the people that use them.

Focus groups

Are all about exploring your opinions as a group. There will be a small number of you so you’ll need to feel confident speaking aloud in front of others. A moderator will lead the session and will take down notes.

Card sorting

This session involves you sorting cards into groups that make sense to you.


Slippers on, cuppa in hand, online research can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

It can take many different forms, and the level of involvement will be explained to you each time via email

8. Get paid

Once your session has finished, we pay you!

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